Data Warehousing

September 05, 2018

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To continue our ongoing series of customer case studies, today we will be discussing data warehousing.  Having a data warehouse is only half of the equation.  Your databases and data warehouses are only as good as the data that is stored in them… and if your business has bad data, then any reporting and analysis done on that data will be completely unreliable.  This is a problem that plagues many businesses, and one of our customers was no different. 

This customer had a custom data warehouse that had been designed and implemented years early; and it was plagued by bad data.  There were too many redundancies, inconsistencies, missing, and incorrect data that had flowed into the data warehouse over time.  This led to different internal departments setting up their own data warehousing platforms, resulting in an extremely fragmented environment where executives were unable to easily pull and analyze data across multiple business areas.  Just as, if not more, important was the ill effects being suffered by their sales and marketing department.

Without a unified data warehousing system with easy access to clean, reliable data, the sales and marketing organizations were unable to successfully gather, analyze, and track data on prospects and customers.  Any reporting that was requested took inordinate amounts of time, and many opportunities fell on the floor.  The customer recognized this problem and made the decision to pour resources into fixing the issue, so the marketing and sales organizations could function properly and drive more revenue.

This client had engaged Astir IT on a different IT project and approaches us for a solution to their data warehouse woes.  After diving head first into their data environment and gathering requirements, Astir IT designed, developed, and implemented a singular data repository with advanced analytic capabilities.  In conjunction with the development of the data warehousing system, Astir assisted the client in a massive overhaul of their existing data.  We helped the client cleanse their data with a combination of database query and manual exercises that rid their data of the high volumes of duplicates, incomplete entries, and incorrect data. 

Once the new system was in place, the data cleansed, and the massive data migration effort were completed, the customer gained a secure methodology for storing, retrieving, and analyzing their data.  The biggest impact to the client was the ability for their sales and marketing organizations to better track customers and prospects for more efficient and effective targeting.  Decision making speed improved and costs were reduced as resources were better allocated because of the new data warehousing system.

Data Warehousing

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