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March 08, 2012

It’s interesting to note that research has shown that retaining as few as an additional 5% of your customers can increase your profit margin by almost 100%. What keeps this from being great news is that, according to that same research, on average half of a B2B organizations’ customers will leave them within 5 years.

So what is a company to do?

Because you require a better understanding of your customer needs and greater insight into how you can strengthen your customer relationships, begin able to  keep customers happy and identify the best new customers to acquire is key.

This is where CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes in.

Astir IT can support your CRM endeavors based on 3 key elements: Information, Processes, and Relationships.

Information is critical to understanding the relationships you want to have with your customers. Information is also key in learning how to improve the profitability of these relationships. Without a proper understanding of your customers and their needs, you will never be able to provide the proper services to maintain a longstanding, successful relationship.

Processes promote consistency. Customers want to know that you will perform well, and perform consistently. Customers want to be able to predict their experiences, and want to know that they can expect excellence. Apart from stabilizing a relationship, processes help break down complex tasks into digestible steps for your customers to understand. This way, not only can they predict excellent results, but they can understand the worth in your services.

Relationships are the most important aspect of customer retention. Customers respond to value, and only when you provide consistent value will a customer become loyal. Regular positive interaction allows you to reinforce the positive value you provide your customers, and fosters the strong relationships.

Astir can work with you to define and refine your customer approach. Give me a call, I’d love to discuss the Astir difference.

Bob Markowitz

Vice President

(908) 279-8670 ext. 704



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