Data Warehousing

September 05, 2018

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To continue our ongoing series of customer case studies, today we will be discussing data warehousing.  Having a data warehouse is only half of the equation.  Your databases and data warehouses are only as good as the data that is stored in them… and if your business has bad data, then any reporting and analysis done on that data will be completely unreliable.  This is a problem that plagues many businesses, and one of our customers was no different. 

This customer had a custom data warehouse that had been designed and implemented years early; and it was plagued by bad data.  There were too many redundancies, inconsistencies, missing, and incorrect data that had flowed into the data warehouse over time.  This led to different internal departments setting up their own data warehousing platforms, resulting in an extremely fragmented environment where executives were unable to easily pull and analyze data across multiple business areas.  Just as, if not more, important was the ill effects being suffered by their sales and marketing department.

Without a unified data warehousing system with easy access to clean, reliable data, the sales and marketing organizations were unable to successfully gather, analyze, and track data on prospects and customers.  Any reporting that was requested took inordinate amounts of time, and many opportunities fell on the floor.  The customer recognized this problem and made the decision to pour resources into fixing the issue, so the marketing and sales organizations could function properly and drive more revenue.

This client had engaged Astir IT on a different IT project and approaches us for a solution to their data warehouse woes.  After diving head first into their data environment and gathering requirements, Astir IT designed, developed, and implemented a singular data repository with advanced analytic capabilities.  In conjunction with the development of the data warehousing system, Astir assisted the client in a massive overhaul of their existing data.  We helped the client cleanse their data with a combination of database query and manual exercises that rid their data of the high volumes of duplicates, incomplete entries, and incorrect data. 

Once the new system was in place, the data cleansed, and the massive data migration effort were completed, the customer gained a secure methodology for storing, retrieving, and analyzing their data.  The biggest impact to the client was the ability for their sales and marketing organizations to better track customers and prospects for more efficient and effective targeting.  Decision making speed improved and costs were reduced as resources were better allocated because of the new data warehousing system.

Data Warehousing

Helping Customers with Data Management

July 17, 2018


Continuing our series of case studies and presenting examples of how Astir IT products, services, and solutions help businesses like yours, Astir IT would like to discuss data management.  Data has become a more and more critical aspect of virtually every business, shaping everything from out digital presence, our sales and marketing efforts, and our strategic business decisions.  Therefore, it has become overwhelmingly important to have a proper data management system in place.  Whether you need a simple, small-scale database, or a sophisticated data warehouse with a multi-faceted front-end UI for retrieval and analysis, it is necessary that data is collected and stored correctly.  Having an incomplete, fragmented, or otherwise problematic data management system results in bad data and worthless analysis, which derails strategic business decision-making. 

One particular client had this exact problem.  They had the distinct need to replace their current data management system, as their data was plagued by inaccuracies, incomplete entries, and redundancies.  Bad data was skewing their statistical analysis, and they lacked the resources and bandwidth to implement an efficient and effective cleansing process.  The client could not risk making business decisions that were predicated on incorrect data, and eventually, they could not justify the costs associated with the necessary manual intervention needed to cleanse, analyze, and report the intelligence to executives.  They were in dire need of a new data management system that automate their processes, and provide cleaner, more consistent customer data.

In order to rectify this situation, the customer engaged Astir IT to build a new data warehouse and reporting engine.  The requirements were very straight forward: build a new data management system with a front-end reporting UI that would provide sales and marketing with actionable intelligence for their daily operations, and provide executives with clean, reliable analysis for strategic decision making.  Astir used a multi-phased approach in order to cleanse their existing data, migrate it into a new data warehouse, and establish an automated data gathering/input system that would eliminate future occurrences of duplicate or incomplete data entries.  Astir also created a user-friendly, intuitive front-end reporting engine that offered users multilevel dashboards and statistical reports.  The overall solution enabled marketing and sales organizations to efficiently track campaigns, record customer and prospect interactions, fine-tune targeting approaches, and ultimately convert sales. 

The customer executive team was particularly happy with the solution, as they gained a secure, reliable methodology to quickly and accurately measure organizational efforts and output; which could be leveraged to shape the future of their business.

Astir IT was also engaged to provide the customer with an on-site resource for the ongoing, daily management of this new data management solution.  The resource was not only highly skilled in data architecture and database/data warehouse development, he was also an expert in business intelligence.  This resource was able to successfully improve organizational buy-in by continually evolving the system to accommodate changing business requirements and expanding the scope and capabilities of the system.

If you are interested in learning more about how we have addressed a specific topic that you do not see here or on our website (, please contact us to discuss further.

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Making the most of your data

August 07, 2014


There is a tremendous amount of data available to your organization.  Every action you, your team, your customers, your prospects, etc. take generates data that can be invaluable for your business strategies.  This information can be influential to your processes and workflows, as well as how you market your brand and interact with customers.  Your organization needs to take full advantage of this data; because your competition definitely is.

There are multiple roadblocks that can keep you from accessing this information.  For some organizations, the problem is a matter of collecting and housing that data.  Knowing that there is data available to you, and even knowing how to use that data, is meaningless until you are able to properly gather, cleanse, and house it.  This step may not be very easy, as collection methods can range depending on your target audience and the types of information needed.  Additionally, as the volume of information increases, the likelihood of redundancies, incomplete, and bad data increase; making it abundantly necessary to perform both initial cleansing and routine maintenance.  This is compounded by the need for a system to store, manipulate, and retrieve this information easily and efficiently.

Then there is the problem of what to do with your data.  The knowledge of how to slice apart, massage, and interpret data is not always readily accessible.  Sometimes the problem is as simple as where to start.  you may have access to a ton of data, but have no clue what types of measurements you need to fully leverage this information.  Other times, it is a matter of not knowing how to perform the measurements. Certain types of data analysis, such as median and average measurement are simple; but when you need to look at intervening and mediating variables through the use of regression analysis, you may not have the knowledge or tools.  


Finally, there is the problem of visualization and demonstration.  In order to demonstrate the conclusions and insights drawn from your data to stakeholders, you need the right visuals.  You need to understand how exactly to show data in the correct formats in order for your audiences to easily understand and digest your findings.  Again, the difficulties in this area can be both knowledge share and access to tools.  Either way, unless you have the best charts, graphs, and tables, you may not be able to properly convey impact.

Astir understands these business problems, and specializes in custom designing data solutions.  We have products and services that can help you gather, cleanse, house, retrieve, analyze, and display your data.  We work closely with clients in order to understand their data and reporting needs, and custom design solutions that help leverage data in order to improve businesses.

Give me a call today (908)279-8670 x716 and we can discuss how Astir can help you make the most of your data.


Adam Moltisanti

Manager, Marketing and Vendor Relations

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Astir IT Data Analysis Services

September 16, 2013


All businesses have the distinct need to gather and analyze data.  That data may concern employees, customers, departments, revenue, etc… and it can take many forms.  Through the detailed analysis of this data, businesses can gain a deep insight into the different aspects of their organization, and learn where resources can be concentrated.  Yet, with the importance of data gathering and analysis, many organizations don’t have the know-how or means to take advantage of the information out there.

Astir IT has extensive experience in data gathering, analysis, and reporting.  Our expert IT professionals can design a system that gathers, cleans, houses, analyses, and reports on your data… and can even help maintain and interpret the output of your new system.  Astir IT can provide in-depth understanding of the different areas of your business, so you know what works, what doesn't, what needs retooling, and where resources are best spent.

Astir IT has over 10 years of experience, and has over 250 IT experts; many of whom are placed with Fortune 500 companies.  Our expertise can help improve your organization by providing custom solutions and services that fit your exact needs.  I would love to further discuss our services with you, so please give me a call at (908) 279-8670 ext. 716.

Best Regards,

Adam Moltisanti

Manager, Marketing and Vendor Relations


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How intelligent is your business?

May 08, 2013

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has a comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence solutions that can help your organization improve.  Company data has become a critical factor in influencing strategy; and your organization needs the right tools to understand and leverage that data.  Astir specializes in designing custom solutions, implementing new systems, managing applications, and providing expert IT staff.  

Astir IT Business Intelligence Solutions include: Database Creation, Database Management, Data Warehousing, Information Management, Dashboard Creation, and IT staffing.

Astir IT Business Intelligence services aid businesses in gathering, storing, and analyzing data.  We have experience dealing with data in a multitude of forms; from customers to competition, markets to departments, and everything in between.  Astir can take this abundance of data, organize it, clean it, mine it, report on it, and even analyze it.  We can design a business intelligence solution that fits your exact specifications and enables your organization to focus resources and grow.

Astir has development services that can custom build your business intelligence application; or we can provide you with the expert IT staff you need.  Astir IT would love to help your organization fulfill your business intelligence needs, so give me a call at (908) 279-8670 ext. 716.

Best Regards,

Adam Moltisanti

Manager, Marketing and Vendor Relations

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Successful Data Warehousing

January 21, 2012

Every company has the need to gather, store and analyze data. Because data can come from a multitude of sources and can take many forms, implementing a successful Data Warehousing solution can be challenging. On top of this, being able apply analytics (including trending) on top of this data adds to the challenge, since the data analysis is only as good as the data quality.

So what should be thought about when implementing a Data Warehousing solution?

-           Data Integration

-           Data Quality

-           Data Transformation

-           Metadata

Data Integration: Data Integration can be looked at as bringing together data from multiple or disparate sources.  Because data from these different sources can be in different formats, data transformation becomes critical.

Data Quality: Data Quality is actually involved across the entire Data Warehousing solution, and revolves around ensuring that the data is accurate, consistent, and complete.

Data Transformation: Data Transformation is probably the most complex, but critical part of a Data Warehousing solution. In Data Transformation data conversions, scrubbing, and mapping is applied to the data in order to make the data usable for reporting purposes.

Metadata: Metadata can be defined as the data that supports the data.  In other words it defines the data in a way that allows for reporting and analytics to be applied.

When it comes down to developing and implementing a Data Warehousing solution, you should look for an experienced partner who can work with you along the way.  Astir IT Solutions ( has experts that have successfully designed and implemented Data Warehousing solutions for our clients. With many years of experience, our experts have supported solutions in numerous industries and built on different technical platforms.  In addition, Astir IT works closely with Astir Analytics in the creation of reporting and Business Intelligence solutions answering client needs.

Give me a call, I’d love to explain the Astir IT difference.

Bob Markowitz

Vice President

(908) 279-8670 ext.704

Data Warehousing