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February 26, 2013

Technology is the backbone for most businesses today.  Chances are your organization could not function without the technological infrastructure that enables all of your day to day business activities.  You may rely on a network, a server, a database, an application, or any combination therein; but the bottom line is you and your business are completely reliant on a fully functioning, bug free IT infrastructure.


Unfortunately, it is not easy to maintain your technological infrastructure.  There are always a laundry list of problems... bugs, updates, outages, and a wide host of other hiccups that hinder your ability to work at peak efficiency.  Depending on the complexity of your technology needs, you may need an individual or an entire department to manage your IT infrastructure.


Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has the expert IT resources you need to properly manage your IT infrastructure.  We can provide you with a single IT consultant, staff an entire team, or take the helm on your infrastructure projects from conception to completion.  Astir has over 10 years of experience providing our Fortune 500 clients with the perfect IT resources, and we would love to support your organization.


Feel free to give me a call at (908) 279-8670 ext. 704 so we can discuss your IT infrastructure needs.


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Bob Markowitz

Executive Vice President

Astir IT Solutions, Inc.

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Are Technical Skills Enough?

July 30, 2012

There is a great posting by Mary Shacklett that was published on TechRepublic called "10 highly valued soft skills for IT pros" (

In her posting she walks through the skills that will take the average technical person and make this person much more valuable to the business.  These skills include:

1. Deal making and meeting skills

2. Communications skills

3. Project skills / intuitiveness

4. Ergonomic Perspective (think from a user perspective)

5. Great team player

6. Political smarts

7. Teaching, mentoring, knowledge sharing

8. Gray issue resolution

9. Vendor management

10. Contract negotiation

What it in essence comes down to, is just knowing the technical's is not good enough - the needed skill sets listed above, in addition to excellent communications skills, separate the technical talent.

Astir IT is proud of our resources who go beyond just knowing the technical's.   Give me a call on (908) 279-8670 ext. 704, I'd love to discuss the Astir difference.


Bob Markowitz

Executive Vice President

(908) 279-8670 ext. 704



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