Successful Data Warehousing

January 21, 2012

Every company has the need to gather, store and analyze data. Because data can come from a multitude of sources and can take many forms, implementing a successful Data Warehousing solution can be challenging. On top of this, being able apply analytics (including trending) on top of this data adds to the challenge, since the data analysis is only as good as the data quality.

So what should be thought about when implementing a Data Warehousing solution?

-           Data Integration

-           Data Quality

-           Data Transformation

-           Metadata

Data Integration: Data Integration can be looked at as bringing together data from multiple or disparate sources.  Because data from these different sources can be in different formats, data transformation becomes critical.

Data Quality: Data Quality is actually involved across the entire Data Warehousing solution, and revolves around ensuring that the data is accurate, consistent, and complete.

Data Transformation: Data Transformation is probably the most complex, but critical part of a Data Warehousing solution. In Data Transformation data conversions, scrubbing, and mapping is applied to the data in order to make the data usable for reporting purposes.

Metadata: Metadata can be defined as the data that supports the data.  In other words it defines the data in a way that allows for reporting and analytics to be applied.

When it comes down to developing and implementing a Data Warehousing solution, you should look for an experienced partner who can work with you along the way.  Astir IT Solutions ( has experts that have successfully designed and implemented Data Warehousing solutions for our clients. With many years of experience, our experts have supported solutions in numerous industries and built on different technical platforms.  In addition, Astir IT works closely with Astir Analytics in the creation of reporting and Business Intelligence solutions answering client needs.

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Data Warehousing

Outsourcing Solutions that Work - Astir IT Solutions Blog

January 08, 2012

Outsourcing key specialized areas to experts is not a new phenomenon; in fact, it has been a way of business life for quite some time.  There are numerous benefits to outsourcing, when done right but the trick to getting the benefits out of outsourcing lie in the selection of the right partner(s) and also making certain that coordination and communication between the partner and your employee staff occurs very regularly.

Accountability is probably the key word to focus on when outsourcing. Who is going to be accountable for the success of the effort? In the end if you are the person either outsourcing the function or responsible for the project – YOU are the person accountable.  Therefore you need to keep the outsourcing firm accountable to you. Think of outsourcing a project the same as running any other project, there are timelines and milestones.  Whether the project is managed from your location or somewhere else, the outsourced engagement needs to be tracked and communicated in order to guarantee success.

Astir IT is proud to be a company that takes on outsourcing engagement from our clients, where we can run projects; on-site, off-site or off-shore.  One advantage to engaging Astir IT for an outsourced engagement is our dedication to providing our clients the highest level of technical expertise along with a strong belief in regular communication.  Astir IT takes these engagements seriously and works closely with you to make certain you end up seeing all of the benefits associated with outsourcing.  In fact, when you work with Astir IT Solutions, you are working with the entire Astir Family of Companies.

The Astir IT outsourcing services include:

  • Application Development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Infrastructure Support Solutions
  • Web Design
  • Business Intelligence
  • Quality Assurance and Testing Services

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