Quality Assurance / Testing

December 18, 2011

While many companies have in-house test teams and expertise, many companies can easily benefit by taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of an Outsourced Testing / Quality Assurance partner, such as Astir IT Solutions.  In fact, even companies with in-house capabilities find that Astir IT Solutions, and others can complement the in-house knowledge of internal quality assurance / testing resources.

Having readily available expert resources at your fingertips, who can run with the testing of an IT project is a major advantage to partnering with a testing partner, such as Astir IT. Rather than worrying about keeping resources permanently on staff allows companies to focus best on their business, rather than focusing on the business of testing.  In other words let the experts in testing do what they do best — testing.

By selecting a Quality Assurance / Testing provider, proper test plans scripts, test scripts, issue / bug reports and increased quality can be achieved. In addition, other benefits can include; validation of in-house resource work, increased efficiency (resource utilization), all while achieving a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Astir IT Solutions, expert testing resources, look forward to working with you in supporting all of your testing efforts.  Please be sure to visit us at www.astirit.com or contact me directly.

Bob Markowitz

Vice President

Astir IT Solutions, Inc.

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QA Testing

Welcome to the Astir IT Blog!

December 04, 2011

Being that this is the first Astir IT Solutions blog let me welcome you.

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2001 by 2 people and a vision. It began as a small home operation, but as time progressed and the reputation for excellence flourished, the business expanded quickly. Astir IT grew exponentially with every passing year, and today we have locations on both coasts and India. We have consultants placed all over the United States, and can place personnel in any state.

In 2009, Astir IT launched a Business Intelligence / Analytics division, Astir Analytics, and in 2010 Inothink Solutions and Sysnet Technology Solutions, IT consulting and outsourcing firms, joined the Astir family.

You can visit us at www.astirit.com,  www.astiranalytics.com and www.sysnetts.com.

Astir IT Solutions was established at the height of a recession in technology services. We recognized there was an opportunity to provide consulting services to firms who were unable to hire trained and qualified technology professionals. From there, the scope of our services grew to include Customer Relationship Management (CRM,) Information and Database Management, Application Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure Support and more. We provide the expertise and solutions businesses desperately need to reach and surpass their goals.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to hear more about the Astir difference.

Bob Markowitz

Vice President

908-279-8670 ext. 704


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